Unlock the secret to manifesting your desires with this powerful concept: “Be it to see it.”

In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into the idea that you must embody the identity of the person you want to become in order to manifest your dreams. Discover how your current identity can work against you and prevent abundance from entering your life.

Learn why the unconscious resists change and how you can code a new identity to embrace transformation. Instead of waiting for external circumstances to change, choose to feel the emotions and beliefs of your desired reality right now.

Find out how this shift in mindset can align your unconscious and conscious selves, paving the way for true manifestation. Let go of the belief that the future is better than the present, let go of needing to fix yourself, and stop searching for problems to solve.

Embrace the power of choice and create the life you truly desire. Step into your new identity and witness the magic unfold.

Be it to see it.

Conscious Education Podcast