You Can’t Save Your Way to Wealth
| May 7, 2024

Dear Future Self-Made Millionaire, 

I am sorry, but you have been lied to… You can’t save your way to wealth.

The idea you can earn and save your way to wealth is a total myth…one that has kept millions of people from the freedom they desire. 

In truth, there are many myths about money…but I’ll talk about those soon.

I’ve had an interesting relationship with money.  As a child, my biggest desire was to have the best sports equipment, shoes, bats, balls, you name it. I wanted to have the best, but I couldn’t. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still had a lot of great stuff, but I was told that we needed to earn it, that we needed to trade our time for money… And because of this, money was scarce…  I grew up in a working-class environment. My family and everyone I knew had to trade their time for money, and because time was a limited resource, so was money. There was always stress around it, and I had a desire for more.

Time and money were co-dependent. 

I always wanted to have more. I had this real understanding or belief that if I just had more, I could get the right stuff, and if I could get the right stuff, I could do what I wanted to do or be who I wanted to be. 

My problem was, I didn’t understand money or how to have what I desired. Money is not created by time, and even if you grew up in a “trade time for money” environment as an employee, you can change your orientation to money. 

You must first learn its Structure.

I was committed to making lots of money, and throughout my young adult life, I made it and spent it, always ending up with more debt.

Now my companies earn millions of dollars per month. The shift was how I was how I thought about money.

Look, there’s a lot of misinformation around money and how it’s created…

Here are the Top Myths:

Some people say “You need to hustle and work hard to create money!”

And look, I’m not against hustle. I love working hard. However, we all know people who work really, really hard and don’t have any money, right?

I was just walking to get a coffee before and there’s a guy out there mowing lawns and I’m certain he hustles, I’m certain he works hard, yet if he’s out there mowing lawns. I’m pretty sure where he sits on the spectrum of wealth creation.

So it’s not about not working hard and hustling, it’s understanding that it’s not the correlation to creating lots of money.

Some people say “You need to activate some sort of money codes or DNA, especially in the worlds that you’re involved with.”

Yet the only people that I know who have told me to “activate money codes” are usually selling me their courses. I’ve hung out with many millionaires and billionaires, and they’ve never talked about any sort of money codes.

Some people say “There’s this new opportunity, or this new thing, or this is the way…”

Yet in each opportunity, some people win and some people don’t. We’ve all heard of multilevel marketing, Herbalife, and other “opportunities.”  I support people who want to become a coach…

Yet still, some coaches win and some don’t, when writing a book, some authors win and some don’t. When we’re talking about opportunity, I think A.I. Consulting is a new big opportunity. Yet still, some A.I. Consultants win and some don’t.

So it’s not necessarily the opportunity.

Some people say “Isn’t money just energy?”

I was recently on a podcast and this person said to me that there is a “spiritual energy of money.” But, here’s my problem with that, you’re just going to get the same energy that you give.

Look, it’s good to give good energy. But all of us know people who give good energy but don’t have money.

Some people say “But money’s not important, money can’t make you happy!”

I didn’t say it makes you happy. We’re just talking about how to get it. So the people who say money isn’t important actually spend all their day out there doing something to get it. They wouldn’t do that thing for free.

See how important it is?

Some people say “Just follow your passion and you’ll never work a day!”

Yet most of us have passions that don’t pay well. 😅 Or don’t pay AT ALL! I’m pretty passionate about golf but I’m never gonna earn money playing golf and I don’t want to do it every single day. I’m pretty passionate about most sports, tennis or basketball, all these sorts of things.

Yet if you make your passion the way that you make money, it gets a different flavor to it.

It’s not just about your art anymore. It’s now about making money.

So here’s the truth… there are many myths.

Many people say “Just get a good education, get a good job, buy a house…”

Yet that will just take a lifetime and all you end up is with a house and no cash flow.

If you have an average income, you gotta pay your bills and rent and when you try to save a piece of that, you’ll take about decades to get free, which is crazy.

So the TRUTH is – Receiving Money Is Predictable.

There’s a structure that you MUST understand – the Structure of Creation. 

So what is money? Money is a Measurement.

It’s like Celsius or Fahrenheit or Centimeters or a Mile… It measures something. 

Money measures value … but the value of what? Money measures the value of satisfaction others get when paying for something.

The interesting thing is, we all value things differently. Someone might value a Lamborghini so they’ll pay a lot and they’ll feel really good about having it, but others might not value that at all.

Value is in the eye of the beholder.

What money is measuring, is how much value we/someone else puts on something. So if we value a loaf of bread, then x amount is how much we’ll give for it. Money measures value and value increases with satisfaction, which starts at the bottom of our physiological needs with home and shelter.

If you want lots of money, if you want to create it, you must add value to another human, you must do it in a way that they would want to pay for it.

Basically, you must make someone else’s life better in a way they want to pay for it at a competitive price.

You don’t need to be a good or a bad person. Money doesn’t care. Money doesn’t care whether you’re good or whether you’re bad because it’s measuring something. Money doesn’t care if you work hard or don’t, it’s just measuring something. 

It’s just like asking – does Fahrenheit care? No, it’s just measuring. Does a mile care? No, it’s measuring. You don’t need to activate money or chakra codes. Money doesn’t care. You don’t need to be passionate or talented. Money doesn’t care. You don’t need to be educated or know a certain thing. Money doesn’t care.

Money is a measurement and it measures how you add value.

So if they want to pay you, it’s a measurement. You don’t need to do a money dance or have affirmations. You don’t need to be anything other than you are.

Money doesn’t care about you. I’m sorry, it doesn’t.

That is why some people can’t have a lot of it – because they’re not doing what needs to be done. If you work up in the middle class or working class, you might have had similar thoughts with me about money.

You thought you had to trade your time for money, but actually, the time was just the way that you were adding value.

You can actually take that time and build an asset like writing a book or creating a business, those assets can make money. It has nothing to do with time.

This is proven by amazing people who have no time left like Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley, who are still making money even though they passed away long ago. It’s not about having time. It’s about what you put your time into.

Money is abundant.

In fact, money is as abundant as humans have desires and problems they want to solve, which is a massive statement.

That’s how abundant it is because people are paying to solve problems and to fulfill desires. Instead of trying to trade time for money, I needed a structure that would create money without limitation. Because money measures value, I needed a value-creation system.

So all my businesses add value to people in ways that they want to pay.

I’ve just started a new business – a publishing business and a book coaching business which adds value.

People want to pay to get their books written. 

Can you now see how who I am as a person doesn’t matter? The only thing that matters is that I create the right structure. 

I’ve got a bunch of other companies that I’m starting at the moment as well as the companies that I currently have and they’re all in this right structure. Without getting in the right structure, motivation, hustle, hard work, money code activating, doing a dance, being a good person, all of that doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter how much you work or stay up late. If you want to get a lot of money and have freedom…

The first thing you need to do is be able to build assets.

So you might have to go and quit your job or go down to part-time and just live frugally. A lot of people just turn over the wheels, earning a wage and they don’t want to give up that wage. The problem is that they don’t have any time to put into growing their next thing.

So they’re just stuck.

The best time to do it is right now – bet on yourself. Entrepreneurs never fail.

Businesses can fail, but entrepreneurs don’t fail.

Simply, you gotta get out of the wrong structure and into the right structure. If you’re in a time-for-money structure, you won’t create a huge flow of money even if you desire it.

If you want to be a Self-Made Millionaire, here’s what you must do:

  1. You must find a way to add value to others in a way they want to pay for it.
  2. You must find a way to deliver that value to them without your time.

Once you realize that money is a structure, it becomes much easier.

It won’t change you, it will just give you different options. You can just spend on different things. You can be a very happy poor person or you can be a very unhappy rich person.

It’s not going to change you. You just get to do different things.

However, there are so many myths and one of the biggest myths is this understanding of what money is and I want you to know that it’s a structure.

Whenever I teach this, there’s usually a smartass in the back that asks “What about the lottery?”  The truth is lottery winners are just lucky. Millions of people put their names forward and someone wins. It’s an exception to the rule.

Another exception to the rule is – “What about people that lie or cheat or steal?” They get money.” Yes, it’s another exception.

Go ahead and try to put your name in the lottery. But when you understand the structure, you just simply go – “How can I add value to people in a way that they want to pay?”

And then you’ll have a predictable thing.

I’ve used money as an example here, but actually, you can use this for anything – health, purpose, relationships, parenting, etc. Whatever it is, there is always a structure for the creation.

There is a certain recipe of things that need to be done to see it work.

So to recap:
The number one reason why people don’t have what they want in life is their wrong Structure.
The second is they don’t have the money.

If you want to change this though… our Superconscious Entrepreneur program is for you. If you want to know how to start a business from scratch with nothing but your consciousness. We can show you how to do it.

I really want to help people to be able to live a life they love.


PS, you can watch the video to this article HERE

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