The ultimate formula for success… we’re all looking for that right?

But why is it so hard to find?

Hear me out for a moment…

Did you know… your choices/goals/desires are evolutionary points of creation that turn you into the person you are becoming?

These goals or desires are there to trigger us to evolve.

And we don’t really know why a person gets a certain desire. We just know that they do.

So for me, I used to think that my goals and choices were things that once achieved, they would make my life completely different…But…what I didn’t take into consideration was my unconscious doesn’t like ‘completely different’ …

In fact, if you’ve seen any of my previous videos about our unconscious… You’d know that the unconscious HATES change because it doesn’t know if it’ll survive. And so it rejects anything that’s different …

So how did I move off the unconscious path to be able to create the life of my dreams on the superconscious path?

Listen to this session to discover my ultimate formula for success!!

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