dixie gillaspie

“Working with Chris and understanding the truth about structure, about creation, and about our power to connect to the Superconscious and literally change the code of instructions and information that has created our lives so far in order to release resistance to creating new has completely transformed me as a creator and a coach.”

William Hitze

“The Magnetic Mind Method is transforming this world at an incredible rate and I am so honoured to be a part of it and even more so to be certified in it so that I can make the impact I choose to create. All the questions you’ve ever wanted answers for and not received will be answered when you get into this structure. I couldn’t recommend it more.”

Magdalena Gustafsson

“This is absolutely life changing. If you want more out of life, this is for you! You really can have it all! I was a woman with great ideas and I wanted to much in life, but I never really got anything done. Now I know how to actually get things done. And I’m doing it. Right now is the answer.

Heal, inspire, get inspired and connect with yourself.”

Kym Cassel
“Chris Duncan not only helped me realize my true choices in life but gave me a structured plan to get out of hell and into my desired life. I am now a certified Magnetic Mind Coach living my true nature and purpose while living a life I love!”
Adrian Monllor

“It’s been the most incredible experience in my life — getting so many benefits in my personal life, relationships, business way, enjoying life and having so much clarity with every choice I’m making everyday.”

Wendy Mason

“It has been a game changer in how I deal with life and I can’t wait to get the Magnetic Mind Program to others as a coach. So go fly Chris and I wish you all the luck and success in the world with this book. Thanks for all you do for humanity!”



“I’ve had my first $90,000 month, and usually do an average $40,000 per month!”

Colette Streicher, Map Coaching Institute

Since Colette implemented our ‘Amplify Method’, she went from making $4k a month to making consistent $40k months and has now went onto hitting her first $100k month.

Colette takes massive action and she obsessively works on her mindset too which sets her apart.”

“With the help of Chris and his team we were able to create a brand new brand, a brand new offer, and within the last 6 months we have generated over $200,000 in sales.”

Shane Fozard, Australian Success Academy
Shane has trusted the process and went all in to implement the process that created him a new brand and a new offer and within the last 6 months have generated over $200,000 in sales.

“We made $46,000 together in 2 weeks and then went on to do $500,000 in a year!”

Fazil Musa, The Leverage Group
Fazil and his business partner Imran went FAST – they jumped on board one of my larger programmes and followed the exact steps in Amplify. They made $46k in 2 weeks and then went onto hit $500k that year. They run the exact same business I helped them set up that year and now do 7 figures per year from the exact methods we teach people in our business & mindset programmes.

“I never had a structure that works until now! Working with Chris has given me that along with the support to move forward fast!”

Angela Hryniuk, Ascension Mastery
Angela was doing too much teaching and struggled to make sales before implementing our Amplify Method. She’s managed to create a $96,000 month and does $25,000 to $30,000 every event she runs using our process.

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