Superconscious Mastery




A 12-month program to become superconscious.
You get access to our Magnetic Mind Masterclass and coaching every week
and 3x 90-day programs focusing on the 3 ways we interact with the superconscious:
1 – Intuition
2 – Transformation
3 – Creation

This is our most in-depth program designed for the true seeker


End result: Unlock your natural genius, intuition and manifestation power by creating a deep understanding and working relationship with your superconscious. Create more money, amazing relationships and live your fullest expression.


Price: $9,999 USD



  • 3 x 3-day workshops
  • 9 months Coaching With CD/HK – 2 sessions/month, on a different topic each month
  • Q/A call with Chris weekly on a Thursday
  • Superconscious Healer program included (discount if already paid in full)
  • 12-Month Access To Magnetic Mind Masterclass included (discount if already paid in full)

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