Magnetic Mind Certification + Business System




This certification gives you all the training needed to perform world class transformational sessions plus all the business systems that have been used to create a multi million dollar coaching empire!

Do you love Magnetic Mind and want to become one of our certified coaches?

Our certification will teach you the Magnetic Mind Rapid Recode™ which is the revolutionary method that creates fast and long lasting results. Not only do we teach you how to tap into the Superconscious and do this work on others, but we also give you all the information you need to set up your own coaching business. Including how to set up Facebook and Youtube ads as well as ClickFunnel templates that have been a key part of our success! And if you feel resistance along the way to your desired reality – you will be a part of the Magnetic Mind Masterclass group where there are 6 LIVE virtual sessions a week that you can choose from to help you know your next step forward!


End result: To become a life changing coach using the Magnetic Mind Method 

Price: $19,995 USD

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