It’s The Truth…
| April 18, 2024
Dear Future Self-Made Millionaire,

When I first read this statement I laughed…because it’s the truth!

The economy is just smart people paying beautiful people to promote stuff to insecure people”

It had such a potent air of truth about it, delivered in an incredibly witty way.

I repeated the statement to myself again, reading it aloud…The economy is just smart people, paying beautiful people, to promote stuff to insecure people”

I’m in the smart group… Right? Surely… 😅

Then I second-guessed myself…

Wait, am I? Shit!
Maybe I’m not …. 
Could it be true?

I have definitely bought stuff that I didn’t reallllly need because of the image or the promise it portrayed…
I mean, seriously…
Why is it that I have a Rolex? Or a Porsche? 

Dammit… those beautiful people got to me.

Reading that statement had me caught up in all of my feelings (there was some serious head noise going on).

Is that really what the “economy is?” Are we really just buying into a promise that we’ll be “just like them” if we own what they’re selling?

Maybe not, but that’s what the marketing is trying to convince us of!

As a kid…

 I wanted to be “just like Mike”. I purchased supplements that bodybuilders tell me will work and clothes that I see famous people wearing…

Is it true that smart people are paying beautiful/attractive people to help us feel less insecure?

It has some truth to it, doesn’t it?

I mean, the Kardashians, James Bond, music icons, actors, and sports stars are all beautiful people designed to sell us a product that increases our status… right?

Is this the only reason we purchase something … to decrease our insecurity?
It can’t be true. Right?

It’s the truth…

However, at the base of all our desire and fear, is the desire for safety and belonging. To ensure we are safe and belong we must find status amongst a group, we must reproduce our DNA, and we must have others want to take care of us.

Smart people have just found a great way to influence us all to buy, right?

Because we seek safety and belonging! So if we buy what they tell us to buy… we’re one step closer to our desire for safety and belonging.

So, is “The economy just smart people paying beautiful people to promote stuff to insecure people?”

Well… only you can answer that…
Which role are you going to play?


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