I Made $73k USD in 8 months… In Passive Income
| March 7, 2024

Discover how I made $73k USD in 8 months … completely passive income (for free) with minimal time.

Dear Future Self-Made Millionaire,

In August 2023, whilst sitting in the African jungle, my life was about to change and I didn’t know it….

After a day of chasing around lions and cheaters in the wilds of Africa, I was sitting in luxury, beer in hand, lost in my own thoughts…. looking out over the Sabi Sands, just taking it all in.

“This is the life I thought” as I took a swig of some local IPA….Pure bliss… 

It was our last day of an 11-day adventure on the Soul Safari Retreat, and it had been the most transformative time of my life.

But then…

Suddenly my phone jolted me out of my daydream …

It was vibrating like crazy (somehow it had picked up wifi and around 50 messages were all coming in at once)

The real world was calling…

Annoyed that my peace had been interrupted I walked over to turn off my phone…

Instead, I was pulled in by the picture I was sent.

$73,065.05 USD was waiting to be paid into my account…

“Harriet look at this” I yelled, wearing the biggest grin


“My book has made us $73k this year”


“USD?” she asked


“Shit that’s all right…”  I nodded, it really was alright. 

No matter how much money I have, It’s always exciting to discover different ways to make more.

You see we had just released my 2nd book in the superconscious series “The Superconscious Path” and in doing so realised that we hadn’t updated a tax form, this meant we hadn’t been paid by Amazon for the year…

It was at this moment my life changed. In 8 months, one book had made me over $70,000 with no costs, no ad spend, no team. It was just chilling on Amazon!

Nothing… just set and forget.

In this moment my life changed.

“A book is the best investment you can make” I thought to myself

Not only does it create passive income, it also creates authority and pulls in great customers.
The best part is, if you write a great book it will continue to pay you for years… 

Oh, and it also makes the world a better place.

Compare it to stocks, real estate, or a business and it stands up against all three.

It is future-proof, recession-proof, has no costs and decent profit margins and it can be created with nothing but your time.

So, reader do you want to make $70k a year passive from a book?

Let’s get into how you write a great book.

The key to any book is that it follows a predictable path called the hero’s journey.

You will see this structure in any movie, book, TV show, or book. It is as old as time. Humans are addicted to this story

Every story either helps the reader thrive or survive (or is about a character surviving or thriving). The hero goes through the story in a predictable way as shown in the diagram above.

The hero’s journey is how you should structure your book.

If you have knowledge to teach someone, your book will take this structure: 

  • You share your journey of discovering this knowledge
  • Then you share the plan for the reader to become their own hero following in your footsteps

It’s really that simple.

Each story needs to have 1 core message, 1 hero with a goal, 1 villain (that is against the hero), a transformation/learning, a mentor or helper, and a clear path to success.

Sound easy enough?

I can hear you through the screen …

If writing a book is so easy Chris, then why don’t you just go write more” 

Well… FYI… I am 😉

That is exactly what I am doing


I have one being released this week… And one coming out.

In fact, I am starting a publishing company to help people create great books… you see the real income from the book is so much more than what you see above, there are audiobooks, physical book sales off my website, iTunes sales, Barnes and Noble and about 30 other places I get paid from (this is before I have started to monetise translations).

Books are a gold mine… really!!

Why don’t most people write a book?

They don’t think they can… but they are wrong.

I dropped out of high school… I can’t spell… I have ADHD and I hate being by myself .. literally, I am the least likely to succeed at writing.

The question isn’t whether should you write a book.

The real question is what should you write about? 

And.. how many books will you write this year?

What if each one paid you a few thousand a month forever… how would that change your life?

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