How My Messy Car Will Help You Manifest Anything
| March 13, 2024

Do you want to know how my messy car will help you manifest anything? Well…

Dear Future Self-Made Millionaire,

This isn’t a blog about cars…though it does involve my messy car!

But if you like nice cars, this may help you buy the one you really want…
And this principle also applies to you if you like spending on handbags, shoes, or travel…

The current reality…

Ok, so I have just driven home from the office and was looking at all the mess in my car.

Don’t judge me 😆

Proof 👇

My messy front seat

My messy car

My messy back seat

Here is the list of what’s in my car…

There is a golf bag in the back seat with 2 basketballs and a tennis racket because my shoes, laptop bag, and swimming gear are taking up all of the space in the boot (trunk for the Americans reading this).

Next to me on the passenger seat is an empty protein shaker, coffee cup, supplements, and a bag of shopping…

It is a lot.. 

“How am I going to get all this in the house” I thought out loud

Then it occurred to me… I haven’t had this problem for a very long time.
You see, recently I traded in my 2 door Lamborghini for a 4 door Porsche (I got the awesome electric Taycan)


Because my 2 door Lambo had no space. I never took anything with me, no clubs.. no shoes, no shopping. Maybe just a tennis racket or basketball occasionally… I was forced to live as a minimalist 😆

But now my car was full… How? (other than me being really messy)

The reason

Well, my friend, the reason this happened is the exact reason why you are about to be rich!!
You see… The law of vacuum… created that mess (not me)

I’m not in denial. HAHA!  It’s actually a universal law – Google It 😉
Because there was space, there was a tension or disequilibrium between space and the things I could put in that space that I “may need.”

Don’t tell me I am the only one who brings things just in case they may need to suit up for a quick game…
Many women shock their husbands with the amount of things that they put in their bags… If you buy a larger house… you will fill it with stuff you don’t need. And if you dig a hole the universe will fill it with leaves.. or rubbish or something else.

The universe abhors a void…

This is how you create magnetically… You must learn to create a void… You need to create a gap between where you are and where you want to be… the tension to fill the gap will force you and others to fill it…

However most don’t like feeling the distance from where they are and where they want to be and instead of letting it be filled with action, they fill it with excuses, stories, and limiting beliefs.

If you want to be a powerful creator… You MUST become great at holding the tension between where you are and where you want to be…

Anyway… I “cleaned” my car… it’s now all sitting on my kitchen bench… where there was a void 😉



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