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My story

I have created 3 Multi-million dollar companies, have travelled the world speaking in 13 countries to over 130,000 people and have 3 books (1 best seller). I live in the Gold Coast Australia with my wife Harriet and I love my life.

I help people to build business’s that give them freedom so they can do what matters most. My business journey has been far from easy starting over 16 years ago as a trainer transitioning into 3 other businesses before I “made it” in the solar industry selling over $10Million in a year.
The problem was however, I was on the brink of burnout and stressed, I closed that business with the intention of creating a “freedom business” I did this building and education company to $4.5M working part-time until on the 3rd of march 2016 it fell apart with the tragic death of my best friend and business partner.
Frustrated, hurt and annoyed I bounced back to million-dollar success in 2 industries, marketing and mindset coaching.
The one thing I used for both businesses was a webinar. I now teach others how to setup thier business in coaching, marketing and how to use a webinar to create freedom. Enjoy my free content and then reach out when you need help making it all work.

Feedback & Reviews

” I’m earning more in a week now, than what I used to earn in a month or two in my highly-paid engineering job. “

Ricki Brideoake

Ultimate Performance Academy

” Chris’s system helped us make $21,000 in our first campaign and taught us a new strategy that we can easily replicate. “

Shane Fozard

Australian Success Academy

” I just made $30,000 in 90mins and a few phone calls following Chris’s system. I just followed his system  “

Colette Streicher

MAP Coaching Institute

How We Can Help ...

Lean how to Start Your Business the correct way by harnessing the power of “Emotional Clarity” so your audience begs to buy from you …

Our Amplify Program is 90 Day Program + A Live 3 Day Workshop That Will Teach You How To Create A Winning Presentation, Find Your Target Audience & Create The Perfect Offer

Perfect for entrepreneurs who are wanting to grow their business through speaking or anyone who wants to start a business as a speaker. You will get 1/1 consulting, an online university, group training and have an “event funnel” created..

Our Digital Marketing Certification will teach you how to build and grow a marketing agency that gets results …

Marketing is a science and you will learn all the pieces to put together winning campaigns, find clients, deliver results and with all the support you need you cannot fail.

You get 6 months training, and online university, 5 days of live workshop, 20+ hours of live online class time with a tutor and 1/1 mentoring and support. There is nothing like this in the world that will show you the most important skill to build a business

Our 5-Step Process To “Magically Manifest” And Become The Conscious Creator Of Your Own Life Even If You’re Stuck In Self Sabotage..

Our Magnetic Mind Program is a 90 day intensive that teaches you how to create your high-performance magnetic mind.

You get a 1on 1 session with your coach, a 1 hour live class a week plus an online university with over 24 transformational sessions. This program will help you achieve what you desire faster by aligning your mind and removing your doubt.

Looking for free business resources?​

Looking to take your business to the next level click on the link below to check out some of our most recent training videos.

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