From Pain to Purpose to legacy

who is christopher duncan?

from pain
to purpose
to legacy

i was raised on the belief that
you get what you work for.

My Story

I was raised in a loving middle-class family in New Zealand where I was instilled with the belief that we had to work hard to get what we wanted in life. It was the classic time for money exchange; the more time we put into something the more money we’d (hopefully) get out of it. This concept frustrated me and I wanted something different, so I began my journey as an entrepreneur.

My entrepreneurial journey has been far from easy, starting over 18 years ago as a personal trainer, I went to university to study business and after university I created a water filter company and went around the neighbourhood doorknocking to educate people on why they needed this particular water filter and not any of the others that were on the market at the time.

It was challenging and emotionally exhausting work but I’m so thankful for the foundations in communication and selling that it gave me. By the time I was ready to try something new, I understood how to read people and how to talk to them in a way that helped them feel heard and valued.

I then transitioned through 3 other businesses before I “made it” in the solar industry selling over a Million in a year.

but i wasn’t fulfilled.

dream of success

I had this dream of success. It started with wanting to play professional basketball, but after an injury that almost took my life, I turned my mind to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Dream of Success

I wanted to be a success.

I was given a taste of this success in the solar industry when I built my company up to over a million in a year. It was exciting, exhilarating and still… exhausting. Because, you see, there’s a problem with rapid growth and I discovered that the hard way.  If you don’t have the correct systems in place then the growth isn’t sustainable.

By the end of that year, I was on the brink of burnout. I had no choice but to close the solar panel business and change my lifestyle. It was in this time of recuperation that I realised I needed a “Freedom Business”.

So that’s what I created! Using everything I learned in my other businesses,  I built an education company that taught others how to become confident public speakers and market themselves successfully!

It was a huge success and my business partner and I built this company to $4.5M only working part-time. Until the 3rd of March 2016.

Results came, but it was a war.

Everywhere I looked I saw others winning, I kept on applying myself.

Heart Broken, In debt and Angry

went to work

On the 3rd of March 2016, life was amazing. My business partner and I had a very successful marketing company and we were preparing to fly Gary Vaynerchuk to Australia for the very first time to talk at a marketing conference.

But then my phone rang to deliver the most devastating news I’ve ever had. My business partner/best friend/ mentor had been killed in a motorcycle accident.

Have you ever had a moment when you’re in a deep body of water and you don’t know which way is up? That was this moment. I was drowning and I didn’t know which way to go.

Chris Writing Border

As much as I wanted to admit defeat, I couldn’t. Instead, I accepted the reality and made a plan. I taught myself everything my best friend had been doing in the company, and with the help on my phenomenal team (who are still with me today), we were able to rebuild the marketing company to be better than it was before.

Everything was great. The company was flourishing and I was traveling the world speaking to thousands of people about business development and mindset…But even with my success, I still had this grief. I thought how I felt was perfectly normal. And it was! But it was also preventing me from living a life I truly loved.

Chris with Gary Vee
Chris with Gary Vee
with tai lopez
3news interview
we rise up
american dream interview

Built back to a $2 million company.
Then, I lost it all.

there must be something wrong with me.

worked my mindsets

Even with my success, something wasn’t right. I was living on the edge.

If the company made $148,000 that month, then I’d put $140,000 back into ads, team and marketing. It wasn’t sustainable and it wasn’t yielding the results I wanted. I was stuck in this oscillating pattern and couldn’t seem to break free.

What he told me changed my perception of how to think and how to live forever. He said to me “Chris, you have to BE it to SEE it.”

I had to choose to be ‘future Chris’ now in order to see it manifest. I had been living towards my vision, rather than living IN my vision and this encounter had me absolutely mindblown.

After this moment with the billionaire, life changed. But I still couldn’t free myself from my oscillating patterns in business.

That’s when I met Colette Striecher who radically changed my mindset and would then go on to help me create a Magnetic Mind.

I met a billionaire.

“Chris you have to be it… before you see it”, he said. I needed a coach.

finally built my first 8-figure business

i created success

When I met Colette, I had extreme doubts that her modality and use of the Superconscious would have any effect on me. By this time, I had already dedicated a huge amount of my time to learning various coaching modalities and so I was skeptical of how this method that Colette offered me was going to work.

When we finally met, she asked me if I had a fear of public speaking so that she could prove to me that her method worked to remove whatever stops us from being our authentic selves.

I laughed out loud. I had absolutely no fear of public speaking. In fact, I thrived on being in front of an audience. So instead, I suggested that maybe she could work on the grief I still had.

That session changed my life. Though I was still sad about Dese, it was no longer this suffocating weight in my chest. After that first session, Colette and I began working together weekly to remove the blocks that prevented me from holding onto my success in business

2CCX Award

My wife, Harriet, and I accepting our ClickFunnels Two Comma Club “X” Award for hitting $10 million in sales.

finally built my first 8-figure business

i created success

Working with Colette was unbelievable. It completely changed my perspective of the personal development industry and the use of the Superconscious when working with the unconscious. With Colette’s coaching and guidance, I started to recognise and let go of the unconscious structures that had previously prevented me from growing my businesses past 7 figures.

After working intensively with Colette and few others who all did intuition/superconscious work, I realised that I didn’t have to fix myself to have what I wanted in life, but rather, I had to choose what I wanted to create! It was an incredible realisation that led me to a decision that changed my life.

In 2019, I decided the world needed to know that the personal development industry was broken. Taking everything I had been taught by the various mentors who had guided me to this moment, I turned it into an online program called Magnetic Mind and started running short, live events each week. It was going great but something was missing. I needed to show them the true power of the Superconscious.

2CCX award
Chris on Stage

 One night, at a live event on the Sunshine Coast, I decided to demonstrate to the audience how the Superconscious could recode someone’s fears in just moments. I chose the fear of public speaking as over 70% of the world has this fear and after explaining the process to the audience, I asked if anyone in the room had a fear of public speaking. Half of the audience put their hands up! I chose two women and had them join me on stage where they participated in the recode process.

This was the first time I had done a recode in front of an audience and it was incredible. The changes in the two women were undeniable and it was captured on camera. My team edited the video and I uploaded it to YouTube, where it went viral.

From this moment, business changed. I launched the Rapid Recode program and started doing weekly online recode sessions with those who were in Magnetic Mind.

It wasn’t long before the Clickfunnel page that was selling the Rapid Recode won me a 2 Comma Club award for making over a million dollars in sales through one funnel and I was running 3-day sold-out live events on the Gold Coast.

In 2020 I wrote a book called “Your Not Broken”. It became a New York Times bestseller and sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Finally, people could discover that they weren’t broken, and instead of focusing on fixing themselves, all they had to do was choose to have what they desired and take the steps towards what they wanted.

Best Seller


Now in 2024, I have an 8-figure company in the personal development industry, sold the other 8-figure digital marketing company, have written multiple life-changing books, own two properties, won multiple Two Comma Club awards as well as a 2CC X Award and my beautiful wife and I are expecting our first child.

Life is incredible, all because I listened to some wise people, realised I wasn’t broken, and I chose to create the life of my dreams.

And now, I want to help others create the life that they dream of too. Through Conscious Education, thousands of people have had life-altering breakthroughs, from business success to health miracles and everything in between. All because they realised that they weren’t broken and chose to remove what was stopping them with the Superconscious Recode.  


christopher duncan

Chris Duncan is an author, entrepreneur, coach, investor, husband, soon-to-be father and most importantly a teacher.

He is the founder of the Conscious Education Company, the Magnetic Mind Method and wrote the books “You’re Not Broken” and “The Superconscious Path”.

He was featured in the movie “We Rise Up” alongside Tony Robbins and the Dalai Lama. Chris is well sought after and renowned as a public speaker.

His genius is in consolidating the wisdom of neuroscience, alchemy and creation technology into a simple easy-to-use process that has impacted millions.

He teaches this method through the Magnetic Mind programs.

Over the next few years, Chris created multiple training programs that have been described as the most advanced consciousness training on the planet.

About Chris

maniac on a mission

Today, I’m on a mission to help a million people in the next 10 years overcome their limitations and live the life they want.

People need to realise they aren’t broken but in fact, who they are in this moment in time is perfect and they can choose to become whoever they want in their future.

It’s one choice away, and I know it sounds cliche but if I can do it… then I believe you can too.

If any of my story resonates with you or you want to know more about my work with the Superconscious Recode and coaching, have a look through the Conscious Education or Resources section of my website. 

It is never too late to live the life you truly want.

With Love,

Christopher Duncan