Why The Law of Attraction Sucks…

It’s not something you can turn on or off

The truth is the Law of Attraction is like gravity- it cannot be turned on or off. An apple seed has the coding to be planted into the ground and become an Apple tree, it will not turn into a carrot. 

I used to think if I focused on all the things I needed to do to gain my success and take all the action, no matter what I did I always ended up in a place of lack or not good enough. Not once, not twice but three times I started my businesses and got to big places in my companies with great success and each time they crumbled almost as soon as they were created. As a “striver” or “achiever” regardless of the steps I took or the success I had it would never have been good enough because I was always coming from a focal point of lack. When you create from this place you will never be able to have it. 

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You Cannot plant seeds of Scarcity and Expect Abundance

There are so many strategies to think about attraction but none of them matter because you will block the outcome or desired result based on your old beliefs and ideas. If you create from an old place no matter what you do that will be your end result. If you are planting seeds or beliefs of scarcity no matter what the outcome will be that. Even if you take massive action and work hard to achieve your goals if they come from a place of unworthiness or any other tactic of self-sabotage the end result will be inevitable.

You have to be it Before you see it

In order to get into the resonance of your end result you must feel it and become it first. For example, if you think about what you want (I want to create an abundant business that supports happy humans) you have to feel into the end result of this and the action steps taken based on the feeling will lead me in the direction of that end result. 

It’s amazing what has shifted since I received this piece of advice from a billionaire. I had just recently come out of another sabotage pattern and I felt like “Wow these billionaires just know what they want and just go for it… they are it it’s in their bones. They don’t get scared when they lose a million or excited when they gain 10 million, they are always the same…” I started to understand the depth of their attraction point. 

You are Attracting What You Are!

If you take a look around your life it is great access to your point of attraction. You are always creating based on your deeper belief and feeling. If you don’t like what you see, if you feel like a victim, or you don’t know why it always is this way- DON’T WORRY!!!! There is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! 

This is one of the problems I have with the “healing” and “Self-development” world- a lot of money is made off you having problems or need to “fix” yourself to become worthy. Worthy of what? Love? Your Dreams and Goals” Your Desires? Do you ever look at a baby and tell them they need to become more worthy of love? 


So why would you need to become more worthy?

And to top it off what you focus on your create. Do you really want to focus on the past, your pain, your trauma, your victimization and keep creating more of that for yourself? Or would you rather align with your end result, tap into that feeling and take steps from that place to get you where you want to be?

Simply all you need to change is your Point of Attraction.

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