Why Am I Not There Yet

I remember waking up, looking at myself in the mirror and asking “Why am I not there yet?”

And I think this is something important…has this ever happened to you? That there is a place you want to get to and you ask yourself “why am I not there yet? Why have I not got there? Why am I not there?”

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It was a scary realization to see that I was always chasing something. I remember the first time I made a million dollars in a year and was so excited about it and then I remember doing $300,000 in a day and my whole life I set up this paradigm the when I had the money wouldn’t it be different? And then I went on a different route- when I had the relationship, or got the house or more followers or fans and it was a question consistently in my mind- “when will I be there, when will I arrive?”

I really felt like I was a greyhound on a racetrack and was just chasing and chasing and chasing…. And I would get somewhere and realize it was just plastic, just a piece of plastic… and to me, I think this is a big problem. It’s been conditioned inside of us from school, our parents, sports about this next milestone, the next box to tip, the next thing to go after. 

And although I love pushing myself and going to the next level I have realized. A lot of us are missing life, we are really racing to get to the end of life which is death and why are we racing to get there and missing life along the way?

This is a big thing in the success, personal development industry, entrepreneur industry…. “What’s the next thing you are going for? What’s the next goal? You can’t ever be satisfied” you can never be completely happy.

Here is the question: What if you could be completely satisfied and go to the next level?

Motivation doesn’t have to come from a place of not being happy where you are. A mentor of mine said, “Chris you have to be completely satisfied with everything you have now and still want more of it”.

and so the question is: How much do you resist the current reality? Because the amount you resist the current reality is the same amount you will resist the things when you get where you are going. I realized regardless of what I create, the relationship, the more money, the bigger speaking gigs, more followers- guess what? Wherever I go well, there I am.

Wherever I Go There I AM!

And I am going to turn up just as I am. The truth is all the work happens now! Of course you can and will manifest everything you desire, but guess what? If you can’t enjoy what you have right here right now then you will never be able to enjoy it when you have it.

And so, “How Can You Be It Now Before You See It?” How can you Become It So that when It Comes To Be, you’re enjoying it. Because what is true is life is a series of moments and if we are stuck in this paradigm of “I have got to get to the next thing and then asking the question over and over when will I be there that never ends…

Ask yourself this, “Are you over that yet? This constant feeling that there is something better? There is something more?” The answer is… NOW is the time to shift that! Right Now is the time to say, “You know what? This is great! I am in so much abundance right now, I am live streaming across the world, sitting here able to access the whole world, what an abundant time we live in.” The reality of the small things we have and have access to is so much abundance and we can feel that right now, not “when I have the money” we can have that right now. 

Think about it, if you are here reading this on the internet, or watching it on Youtube with a smartphone in your hands the abundance is phenomenal. It seems to me, and if you watch my youtube channel or have listen to my stuff we have 7 generations of DNA in our systems, and so when the generations before us thought how life will be better when I have a washing machine, when we have a motor vehicle, it’s going to be better when we have an airplane and when the next and the next… we are in a constant place of when it’s going to be better and the happiness index as a result is very low because now is never good enough to enjoy- it will only be better when.

The Trick Would be to Find Now better Than The Future

Can you get to a place where Now is Better than what you want? Can you get to a place where you can have and feel all the feelings that you want to have right now. It is so exciting to share and know that this is where the shift happens! And the truth is the paradigm that we pass onto our children is that life is a race. 

Here is the download…. There is nothing better than right now. There really isn’t, there is nothing better. Sure there might be circumstances but there is nothing Better than what we have right now. Guess what? You have got air in your lungs, you are right here and you’re doing it. 

And for those of you right now at the bottom of just starting to create something with nothing, that’s one of my favorite things, or maybe things have gone the wrong way- but no matter what it is you have so much abundance around you right now. So much love. 

And so, if you can create the shift where you are right now when you get whatever you manifest it’s going to be so much better. If you stay in the paradigm that now is not good enough I have got to get somewhere else- when you do manifest the dream relationship or you turn up to something you created and it’s not good enough or when the money does come and you turn around and it’s still not good enough- it is a very very very unsatisfying life. Very Unsatisfying.


And so that’s my Challenge for you today is to find so much joy and love and gratitude and find everything in the NOW!

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