What You Resist Owns You (How to unplug from the Matrix)

The truth about when we take something on to change (or what we resist is worse than persists, it ends up owning us) we actually end up keeping it alive, for example the war on drugs, or the war on terrorism, the war on feeling good, we are always in this battle. And the problem is that the more we fight or resist what we focus on we give it our power. What about your fear of failure? Failure can’t exist- I cannot fail, and there it is your energy and power are wrapped up in not wanting to fail and then it owns you. Some of us e have a war about being judged.  I had a huge resistance about being lazy, I was so worried about being judged or seen as lazy. 

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And so what people end up doing is out of the problem they are deciding to come up with something new. So a business thought or idea is created out of solving a problem. Right or creating a business out of a place of not wanting to be a slave to their work and they want more freedom. And so they create this business and the minute something comes up that work or action has to be done they shut down and are right back in resistance to hard work. And their business ends up looking a lot like their job and they go back to work for someone else and create this oscillating pattern.

Or how about someone who is at war with their body? And they resist so much the fat or form of their body and go to war to defeat but never actually find a level of happiness or peace in themselves.

And so the resistance becomes an overpowering force that we give all of our power to. I see it all the time in the self development world, people talk all the time about having a lot of money they are tired of struggling or being broke and when I ask them “well what will you do when you make a lot of money” and they just don’t even know and what the means inevitably si they will most likely not ever get there or when they do be able to keep it. 

Whatever you have a war on, whatever you are going to solve owns you. We all worship something. The biggest issue with this is the inability to actually accept something, to accept that you can lose, or accept being overweight, or come to terms with being broke… If you really want to win in sports there is a big difference in winning vs just trying not to lose. There is a HUGE difference in that.

So what could you not allow to happen? What is your worst and biggest fear that you just cannot accept?   It is so similar to a pendulum when you push away not wanting to lose, not wanting to fail, not wanting to be overweight, not wanting to start- what happens when you push a pendulum, it comes right back to you! It is here that we give our power to all of the things we resist. 

The most powerful thing to do is to actually completely go for what it is you are resistance, own it, have it, accept it and you dissolve its power. When you actually get to a point where the resistance dissolves and desire is quiet (i believe even a desire is a level of resistance or wanting in a certain way) I call “The Wizard’s Gate”. In this place anything can actually become out of creation. There is no resistance you just keep going because you want to and are free to create. 

So many people ask me, well then why do you keep going? Why are you showing up and doing videos why do you keep coaching and sharing- and my reply was “a painter has to paint, a musician needs to create music, this is just what I do- I create and teach it is just who I am it is just what I do.”

Here is the big lesson of the day, if you resist it it owns you. If you resist going to the gym, or resist going to work, or resist being broke, or resist being successful- it owns you. When you dwindle it down completely that is when you know you are truly free. What would you do if you had all the money in the world? What is your perfect average day- whether you are broke or a billionaire- you have a perfect weight, you have an ideal day- this is so important to find out and create- you know as well as I do if you were a billionaire and just arrived the time you actually would want to just sit on the beach is probably limited. When you can take the first step and decide what you would do on an ideal day and start to create that is the Wizard’s gate and that is the place of neutrality and creation to show up in.

Can you find a place of no resistance and no desire and give the space of freedom to be present and truly live life and create?

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