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The Structure of money and how to have more of it. I love having money, I am happy to have money and more of it. I am a first generation millionaire, the first one in my family to cross that line and I am really proud of that. I grew up in “working-class” and I think working class comes with a lot of assumptions that really stop us when it comes to money, and those of us that are seekers we can really get caught up and lost. I believe in life everyone worships something. And if I was to say what the working class people worship I would say they worship “hard work” and “money”. And you might say “well I don’t think they worship money” I would say, “well why would they give their whole life to go and obtain it?”

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And it’s an interesting question because there is a time in your life when you are a child that you were told, “well you can’t have that because we don’t have enough- money” or “I have to go to work, even though it’s school holidays and I would really like to spend time with you but I have to do this other things because I have to go get- money”

And then at some point in your life you got a job and joined the working class and you had to be at your job. Even though you wanted to go hang out with your friends you had to go and mow the lawn or do the chores because you had to get- money. Money feeds you, money puts a roof over your head, everything is money.

It was really interesting, the difference when I hung out with billionaires. 

Money in this way was not a focus at all! There are only 2,260 billionaires on the planet. And 63% of them are self made that is 2/3rds are self made and that is so interesting. They all started out working class and made their way through and so many of us think there must be something else out there but it’s really interesting to think about those people, someone like JK Rowling or Mark Cuban or Oprah Winfrey the people that we know, the famous ones and a bunch of others….

So I started to really obsess about the structure of money, what is money? And what I realized is there is a whole different way of being for those who have it and those who don’t.  And I want to share some of the things that I have noticed that have allowed me to have more than most and moving towards even more and what I noticed about myself and others when we didn’t have it or don’t. There is a very, Very, VERY big difference.

Working Class

The first thing I got taught in working class was

  1. You don’t love your day. That you must sacrifice for later. In other words you have got this life, you have got this day and you don’t love it. You have to go do it. My mom was a nurse my dad worked in telecommunications- I never heard them say “Yes that’s what I want to go do on my day off” they did it to do, not that they liked it. And then as children we are taught “you have to go to school even though you don’t like it” so you have to go and do something you don’t enjoy because we need money and that is what we need to survive. So the premise is you have to sacrifice your time for something in the future- have you ever felt that way? Did you get that message? Sacrifice now for later. The pay-off will come later, so they say… And then we are conditioned for that, here is a gold star for doing well in sports or for sitting quietly on the mat. Well-done you get a certificate for doing this or passing your test. You work on something, always working towards a goal. There is always something to attain (ie, Freedom)  if you work hard you will get there. If you do what you don’t like now you will be rewarded in the future and there is this carrot that you never seem to get to.

This set-up is really interesting because most of us will take this conditioning and put it into business, always working and putting it in for something later. This person is a victim of circumstance and conditioning and what this basically says is “I can’t do what I love because I have to get money” and so where is the power? The power is in the money, money becomes the “God” the power. The working class mentality is money is the thing that can give you what you want and take it away, if you just get more of it then you get to have it- can you see the structure? People have all the dreams they want to dance and sing and create- but they can’t because they have to get money. And what I realized about these people who had created a lot of wealth was, they didn’t seem to be waiting for anything.

And so there is a loop if you are here (p) and you want to get to your end result- happy (e) you have to be miserable ($) and make money first and may never end up at the end result (happy). As opposed to just having what you want. And what I found about people who had more than enough was they just went straight to (e) their end result and having what they wanted. Jim Carrey, Steven Spielberg, Oprah- they just went straight to their end result they didn’t think they had to make money first. And what is even more interesting is then you can get into a place of I have to have it in order to be happy. 

And what Mark (my billionaire friend) said to me, which was so interesting was “ Chris, you have to “Be” it before you See it.” “Your working class conditioning is working against you,your identity is working against you. The reason you can never hold onto money is because you are conditioned to always be going for the next thing. You code yourself up as a striver. You are an achiever. You need to feel like you are going for it. You feel frustrated. And you don’t even let yourself feel good when you win, you believe it is bad now and will be good later. You can’t plant these seeds and grow abundance. Instead of being a striver what if you were a receiver. Instead of being an achiever and the one who is going for it all the time you have to be the one who has already achieved. Instead of going for it you already have it. Instead of feeling frustrated you have to feel abundant. Instead of bad now good later it’s just good now and it’s better than later.” I realized, at this moment I had been planting seeds of scarcity trying to grow an abundance tree. 

Has this ever happened to you? I would go for it- and then somehow end up right back where I started. I would goooo for it and end up right back where I had started- why? Because for 30 years I was conditioned in “the not having it” and that identity did not want to die. And so when I would get it there was this part of me that chimed in, “no way, you are just little Chris from New Zealand, you don’t have that- you are the one who said, ‘dad I want Jordan basketball shoes and he turned and said, you can’t have $300 basketball shoes!! If you want it you have to mow and do this and that and all of these things, you can’t have that.” and the identity of now is bad – future is good is what was stopping me. And when I would get there i would start to say “now I am bored, I am frustrated I have to start something new, I better give it away” do you see what happens? I kept feeling guilty about having more because it didn’t line up with my original identity. And so what was happening is I would move towards it and my identity would pull me back, over and over and I see this in people with relationships, in business, with money, with success, i see it everywhere they do the back and forth to having it and then not having it. Because their identity is something that is stopping them the most. 

This is a really big thing. Because if you live in this place and do all of these things, you just can’t ever have it- what you want. 

If we look at people who have it we assume they have it because that is why they became. When in reality they fell in love with one thing and that is the NOW. If we think about Bill Gates and he goes on these think weeks, he did that before, he didn’t change once he got to his destination. And so there it is again, you have to be it now. There is a way to do it and I want to explain it to you….

This is what changed everything for me, you have got to get to it now. Because if you keep coding up to thinking what is to come will be better you will never be able to have it. It’s like being in this gorgeous golden cage you can squeeze your head through a little bit, or even the door could be left wide open and we will just stay in that little cage because it is “safe” or what we know. 

Now here is the thing, it is not your fault, it is not something you can’t shift- we have up to seven generations of patterning coded in our DNA through emotions, through thought patterns. Through the ages of conception and seven you have no conscious facility so you code up everything that is being given to you by your guardians. Then we are taught by teachers who are also stuck in a working class mentality and spend time around people who are in this pattern. You spend your whole childhood around people who are stuck in the patterning of not now later and sacrificing today for something better in the future. 

And so the Key anecdote is the opposite: The Now must be Better than the Future.

When I realized I had to be able to do the exact same day whether I had a million, a billion or .02 cents- when I realized I wouldn’t change that is when it all opened up. When I realized that I would be just as happy now rather than an extra $10,000,000 in the bank then it was there. My day would be the same if I lost it all. I would have a smaller house and walk my dogs myself. I would have the same day regardless- I would still wake up and bring coffee to Harriett, I would do my meditations, my manifestations, I would walk on the beach exactly the same, I would connect with you, I would put videos out, I would run a business, I would speak on stage- that is my day. Regardless of what I have my day will never change, my day is better than any of that- does that make sense? It is not going to change me. And you have to find that- it is the most important thing, when you find that then you will just be. 

So when you get the call from your business manager that the previous month you had doubled sales, cool I wake up, bring coffee, do my meditation, or when he rings me a few weeks ago “Chris, all of our facebook ads have been hacked, all of our clients are getting money taken out of their accounts…” I wake up and do my meditation…. It keeps me in emotional alignment with what I want to create, the working class is out of alignment because they believe when they have their goals life will be better.

Even more than that the personal development world also sets the stage for this, “what would your life be like if you had a ferrari, what would it be like if you had this and that…” it would be exactly the same. You know that if you have bought a flash car before, or even just a new one very soon it just becomes the car. Right? When i first got my house I was like “Holy shit I have got my own beach, I have a pool, this is epic, six bedrooms a video room an equipment room it’s so good,” now  it’s my house I am already thinking about the next house. And there goes my conditioning, thinking about the next house. 

You must be it before you see it, and this is the number one thing we must unplug from and become. The personal development world does not help us. You can literally go to an event and there is even more conditioning. “Now is not good enough, you need this diet”, We haven’t mastered the now and are still a victim to circumstances. The circumstances are the thing we are trying to change. It’s as if we go to the doctor and we write out all of our problems and he writes a prescription and says ok here give this one to your mother, give this one to your best friend, give this one to society- and you expect all of them to change and that is going to change you. It reminds me of another story, there’s a guy who lost his keys and he’s looking for it in the dark outside and he is looking and looking for his keys and his neighbor comes out to help and they are looking for the keys in the dark but they can’t find it and the neighbor finally says, “well where did you drop them” and he says “ I dropped them inside” and the neighbor says “well why are we looking outside?” and he says “it’s dark in there I needed light to look” and how many of us are looking outside of ourselves for the next job, it’s more this, it’s more that… because it is harder, it’s darker to look inside. 

Isn’t it crazy for us to be living in a home, with a refrigerator, wifi, electricity and to not feel abundance. Just imagine a moment you go back to your ancestors 110 years ago and you go back there and say “life is so hard I have to push a button to wash all of my clothes. On a hot day I actually go to this cold thing that has ice cubes, oh you don’t know what ice cubes are? We have literally made water really cold and turned it to ice so that when it’s really hot outside we can have a cold drink.” The simple things we take for granted, the level of abundance we haven’t even been able to receive or acknowledge is at our fingertips. As a species we need to take a look and just come to a place and say “hey should we just live for now?” Every generation thinks there is something we are going to improve, something we are going to do and then we will reach the promised land. Then we can be abundant, once we get the next and the next and the next. If we think about our ancestors and what they would think about what we have now, we can cook with fire inside, if they just had a car… the basic things we have now that was not even a thought back then… we still do this, if I had a million dollar business than I would be happy… and this is the exact tension and reason why we can’t have it. If you can’t feel the abundance around being able to have a cold drink on a hot day, or walking along the beach, regardless of a million dollars in the bank- you would still have to “do” the moment, you would still have to practice doing the moment.

We practice the future will be great, somewhere, some time other than the now will be great- but it is actually the opposite that will set you FREE.

And so the basis of manifesting money and everything you think you will feel when you have it you have to bring into the now- as if it were here and feel that now! As if you had it already. Otherwise you are not ready or conditioned for it. And if you can’t feel into that now the abundance all around you, you will never be able to keep it, your identity won’t know what to do. You will just keep going for the next, the next and the next thing and just be on this endless quest. 

The first thing to really do:

  1.  You have to have your day that is better than any future. Plan your day as if you had all the freedom in the world (and believe me if you think you would just plant your butt on a beach for the rest of your life, that would get old really quick) but what would your day look like if you had all the time, money and resources, if you couldn’t just donate and give it all away- what would your ideal day look like? Musicians always make music, Warren buffet the 3rd richest man in the world is 89 years old and still works everyday- it’s what he does he just makes money, Michale Jordan needed to play basketball even when he retired he bought a team- he’s got to just do and be basketball- so what do you do? And so you need to live and be that now, you have to structure your day as if you were a billionaire, the same day you would plan. How would you wake up, how would you serve the world, what kind of exercise…. What is the day like. What most people realize is that they can already have their day and what they would do. When you can have it and at the end of the day it is your best day. When you can live this day you will no longer be a victim of the old structure, that you have to earn your freedom. How would I spend my 16 hours of waking time? 
  2. You must feel it now, you cannot be in scarcity and frustration if it is not how you would feel with all your money and your end result. If you made all the money you would want to make would you feel different than you feel now? And if the answer is yes well then what would you feel and you have got to get into that feeling NOW! So many of us resist what we have now, it’s like we push life like a pendulum we push that we are broke, we push that our relationship sucks and what happens it keeps coming back- it’s so much more than “what you resist persists” what you resist actually owns you by being tied up and pushing it back and forth. When you can accept and be ok that is when you have a choice, the freedom to choose. 
  3. Success is not personal. We have been told that success is personal, that we have to improve ourselves and develop ourselves- it’s just not true. Success is being able to set out something you want to achieve and then achieving that. It is not personal. It doesn’t require you to be anything. I know people that are not smart at all and have huge businesses, it’s not about being smart or a perfect, it is about the structure to make it happen. For example- who do you see and know that has manifested all of the things and just has been themself, Donald Trump didn’t work on himself to be better to earn the presidency, Steve Jobs didn’t become a nicer or better persona or fix himself to become a visionary, Oprah didn’t have to become something to succeed- you can either follow someone who is selling you on what to become to manifest, or look at the people who have actually just gone for it and made it happen.

Money doesn’t have a rule, it has a structure. There is nothing you can actually do to make or break success, it is all just structure. You don’t have to be anything other than you in order to create it. And some people feel conflicted and think well didn’t you just say I have to be in the end result in order to have it? Yes, be you, feel the end result and live your life as if it is already there. Anything and everything you want to create is a structure. 

The Structure of Money

How do you get more money? You must add value to another human being in a way that they want to pay for it. That is money’s rule. It is not an energy, it is a measurement. We all have units of this measurement. 

What is value? Value is simply increasing pleasure or decreasing pain. Everyone has a different value on different pain. I love when people say you can only sell to problems, that is not true, Walt Disney didn’t. No one was walking around thinking this is a problem there is no theme park here, this is an issue. 

And so….. Unplug, live your life, structure the path to your desires and go for it. Be you and enjoy the moments as your dreams come to fruition.

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