Why You Have to Breakdown

So many people come to me and talk to me as they start to shift and make more money and their relationship starts to break down, or if they decide they want to create something but under conditions- they don’t want anything to change or certain things in order to create what they really want. And the questions really become are you willing to let go of you have been or what you have known in order to create what you want? You are the person holding it together, the emotional set point, your beliefs, your structures, the way you operate. And the way you are is holding people and things and environments in a certain way. And so when I hear someone just stepping in to creating abundance in their life and they call and tell me they just lost their job I simply say that is what is supposed to happen, changes happen in order to create space for new things to come. They need to clear the job out in order to create the change and so when you start to desire different things the old way of life or attachments need to come apart.

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This can be very painful. 

It is like a cleanse, it sometimes has to seem or get worse before it gets better. The old has to move through and show itself for what it is in order to come through to the other side. 

You have to be willing to let it all GO! And then when you step into the new way of being with new set points you can create a new relationship from the new perspective. You must be willing to understand that when you shift into a new reality you are shifting in a NEW YOU! Things may sometimes look bad in the short run. 

One thing you have to do is CHOOSE what you are creating and stick to that. You are going to be challenged here and called back into old patterns and habits that were aligned with the “old you” if you get pulled back into it you will just get sucked back into what you had and were creating before. Once you grab onto the new you in creation you have to be an absolute Warrior at staying there. 

The law of attraction is so real, most people don’t realize this. Similarly the law of gravity is a very real law but so is the law of lift and to defy gravity and take flight in an airplane the law of lift has to outway the law of gravity. Similar to the law of work a certain amount of action needs to be taken in order for creation to manifest. So in the law of attraction once you begin to shift your attraction point instead of seeds of frustration I will plant seeds of abundance, instead of seeds of doubt I will plant seeds of confidence. When you shift your attraction point the people, things, places and environments are no longer connected to what once was and so it has to break apart. This can be difficult for people who are trying to hold onto some things in the change process. Some level of trust has to happen that everything will match up to that vibration, however in the short term things might not look as though this is true.   

I have experienced this so many times and when the break happens or things seem like they are falling apart I know that something else is going to show up it is inevitable. So if you are willing to stay in the tension of the shift once the break down happens the breakthrough will then come right behind it. 

The action made to shift the magnetic part of you causes resistance to what used to be and so those things need to break down and fall apart. Staying in alignment of the end result and follow up with the question “what would the person in my end result (that I am becoming) do right now?”

And stay in alignment and action with your end result, trust the process and the action that will lead you to your end result. This takes so much courage. It takes bravery to step into this place of wanting to create something new and the shift and change can happen with steadfast focus. A lot of people miss their alignment piece or manifesting what they want and are not willing to let go, instead of staying in the tension and letting the seeds they are planting room and space to grow. So without letting the tension seek resolution or trying to fix and counteract the momentum, as opposed sitting with it and focusing on what you want drawing to you the alignment you are desiring. Don’t race to fix it, keep choosing what you want.

Steps to get through the process of change:

  1.  What do I truly desire to create, what do I love (go to the biggest thing possible)
  2. How would it feel to have that
  3. What is the obvious action
  4. Stay in it, stay in the focus through the tension, and allowing the awareness to be high when it comes to change and even recognizing and something breaking down or falling apart simply being a step, stepping out of the old and into the new

Thanks so much for your time and check me out across the platforms.

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