The Structure of Conscious Creations

In Boston Massachusetts the streets are all over the place, there is no rhyme or reason to their direction or structure and the reason is because before anything was developed there the bison that roamed just took the path of least resistance and created some paths, when the humans came the followed these paths that were laid down before them, then the horses they rode we driven on these paths and eventually cars we continues to follow the same paths and the truth is that as an energy source we always want to follow the path of least resistance.

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This is very important to understand as a leader, or for someone who hasn’t been able to create what you want to, you will always follow the path of least resistance. You can also see this is nature, I live on a water front property and when I go down to the water and watch the tide come in and out it is always moving along the lines and path of least resistance.

Here is the premise: In anything you want to create or develop everything will take the path of least resistance, you will, your staff will, your customers will take the path of least resistance. And so what do I mean by resistance?

Resistance, if we are talking about water coming down it is a physical obstacle that can get in the way and the water will flow around it. In life we create physical internal structures that cause resistance in certain places. So resistance might be created by a belief or a memory, created by an idea or a concept. The idea is that if there is resistance then you will not take the necessary action. When we understand this we have to understand there is something more important than just mindset when it comes to creating. It is structure, it is so important to have the structure. You can spend a whole lifetime in the right “thinking” but not have the right structure and just never get to where you desire to be. 

For example, Success is structural. Most people who haven’t been able to manifest a lot of money don’t understand that money is also a structure. And it is going to flow according to the rules of that structure. Money is not an energy, it doesn’t care how you feel, money is a structure and will flow along the path of least resistance. And so money will flow towards the human beings who add value to people’s lives in a way that they want to pay for it. And so that is the structure.

It is very interesting to start to understand YOU are a structure, you are an energy source. And it is so important to understand and take action along the lines of this idea or the path of least resistance.

So How? How do we set this up?

A lot of people have structures set up that are not moving them towards what it is that they want. There are a few types of structure:

  1. An Oscillating structure, this is what I see consistently when people move forward  and take steps only to move right back to where they started. This can be a big problem. It is like a rubber band you pull forward only to be snapped back, similar to a rocking chair, you rock forward and rock back never actually making gains or moving forward because you are always being pulled back. One way this is created is by saying now isn’t good enough. When, right now isn’t good enough and we want to be somewhere else and the problem with this is the start point is still part of the structure. If now isn’t good enough and I want something else, the now is still part of the structure and the further I try to get away from that it will harness and pull me right back. Another example of this I see is when people know what they want but go for something else, if the dream is to change the world but then you start a business you will be pulled back to the present or start the business and feel overwhelmed or resistance. Or if someone wants to have a healthy body but reaches for unhealthy things create this back and forth oscillating structure. One step forward one step back especially when we think we have to fix something because the present is bad. 
  2. Advancing Structure a structure that just moves forward it’s like a racing car, or a bicycle and wouldn’t it be cool if you had a desire to write a book, or get a new relationship or bring a dream about and you could just advance towards it? You are not trying to get away from anything you’re not trying to get away from anything that will eventually lead to holding you back, you just advance. This is what we really want. We want to have an advancing structure. This allows us to be able to create more. 
  3. And the last structure is Stuck or Frozen where there is no movement or ability to take or make steps out of indecision or fear.

This is a lot, these are big things that have been missed, you cannot create in the wrong structure, if you are in an oscillating structure you will not be able to create. 

There are a few things that you need to be in before you can actually create one of the is the Wizard’s gate.

The Wizard’s Gate is where you have no resistance and no desire, it is the present moment. To get to absolutely no resistance is a difficult thing for today’s society, most people have a resistance to judgements, not looking good, or whatever resistance to being present. And the reason we have to have no resistance with what is is because the resistance creates the oscillating structure and the power resides in what we do not want. For example in the oscillating structure if people say “I hate my job I want to create a business” and then they create a business that is even more stressful than their job. They are left feeling like this sucks and then go back to get a job never to really feel at ease or at peace. “To be truly Satisfied with everything you have now and just be open to more of it”.

Once you can get into the place of freedom in the present moment the second step is to create the advancing structure based on what it is that you want. And the only way to really get there is from the Wizard’s Gate so you can begin to create the structure to get you advancing towards your end result. And the whole point of creation through meditation and manifestation to create the emotion of what it is you desire. Once you create that feeling and connection you create a pull, but there is nothing in the present that you dislike or resist. And this structure will advance you towards what it is you want to create and how you want to feel. 

The last step is the action or movement creates momentum to move you towards what you want and what you want towards you. This is where the correct action comes in and draws you towards the desired end result and creation.

Double Bubble

This exercise is something we do that creates a neutralization of what we can most likely resist in a desired result, we resist what we don’t want. The purpose of the Double Bubble exercise is to neutralize the resistance by actually wanting the thing that we don’t want to happen, falling into something like “failure” completely and feeling it in the exercise to take away the power and resistance to it. A client I work with had a hard time getting past a few 100K, and when i got into his structure, his field, we realized he hated to have a JOB, so he heated to be trapped, to move past a couple 110k you actually have to sit down and work. It took about three months for us to realize this and to support him to actually get down to the foundation that having a job would be a brilliant and amazing thing. And as soon as we unpacked and recoded everything around his resistance to having a job and when he was able to break it down and have no resistance to having a job and getting clear about getting to work, then he had an advancing structure. Which is a very big difference.

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