How To Change Your Life And Become Successful

I love the story about the guy outside looking for his keys, looking and looking and his neighbor comes over to help. And they are looking and looking and finally the neighbor stops and asks where he dropped his keys? And the guy says, “oh I dropped them inside” and his neighbor replies “oh, so you dropped your keys inside why don’t we go and look in there?” and the man replies, “well it is dark inside, I can’t see what I am doing in there.”

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It seems crazy right? So because it was easier to look outside in the light rather than where the keys would be doesn’t make sense but we see this all the time. It is easier to blame someone else for a breakdown in relationship, or to look outside ourselves for answers to the right way of doing things for success rather than going within and finding a way, a true way to what it is we want. You can go to a doctor and share all of your symptoms. And the Dr can sit down and write a prescription for every single one and say hand this to your mom, and your dad when you were 4 and keep handing out all of these prescriptions for the problems in our life, and at some point we need to just sit down and really take a look at what is true. 

We have to really decide what it is we want to create. Not what we want to avoid. So, take a minute and think about all the things you want to avoid, you want to avoid failure, or avoid being broke, or avoid being hurt. Notice all of the things you take action to avoid feeling a certain way or seeing something come to fruition rather than what do i really truly want to create and focus on that!

So it would be an active decision to create what we love rather than an easier route of just avoiding what we don’t want. So people end up in avoidance but not necessarily living a life they love. It doesn’t mean it is easier to create a life we love and what we want because the path has not been paved, but you will actually be living. It is so easy to put the blame out there for one reason or another to not create what we want or to just go for, coming up with tons of excuses as opposed to going after what we love and what we want.

So the first step would really be to get clear about what it is you want. What do you love? What would you want to create? Whatever it is and the answer is right inside of you.

Something I notice about myself is I put energy into things I don’t want to happen, they are small now, maybe little worries or concerns. For example a topic I avoid talking about or bringing up, or little things I avoid and even if it is less than 1% of a worry or resistance i notice this keeps me from being 100% focused on what I do want and the direction I want to go. Rather than just absolutely going for it. If it is all on me and I want to create something with 100% focus- it is similar to the idea of a driver in the desert and they are going along this straight of a road and there is nothing but an electrical pole every 100 meters or so and inevitable if they go off the road they will hit that pole, why? Because that is the one thing they focus on not hitting. As opposed to just being free and out on a road to not hit anything.

I think this relates so much to someone who really wants to change their life and they end up at a personal development workshop or somewhere to make a change and the exact thing they are focused on is what they do not want to create.

The important things are:

  1. It’s all on my i have to focus on what I love and 
  2. How do I not focus on what I don’t want and really get all of my focus on what I DO want.

What if you could have all of your focus on just what you love! Just what you want to create. No worry about what anyone else thought, no worry about what could go wrong, no worry or concern. Nothing other than 100% focus. And could you get yourself there? Could you see or feel what that would be like? The importance of this is huge. That man is never going to find his keys looking outside, no one else has the ability to focus and give you your dreams and goals like you do. You will never have success if you don’t have the willingness to take 100% focus, everyone has a story, everyone has a family, everyone has excuses or distractions, what if you were able to put all your 100% focus on what you want? And not let anything get in your way?

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