How The Superconscious Creates Fast Transformation

You can change anything rapidly- you are not broken. If you are trying to make changes and not making much headway there is a reason. If you are working with just the ego or conscious level of the self using techniques such as affirmations, reading books etc… It is a very slow process because when we work on just the conscious brain we have to work on training the unconscious. It can be such a slow process and needs a lot of repetition. It will work eventually, it just takes a lot of time and focus. And one of the problems with the conscious work is we are sending a certain message to the unconscious. You  are sending to that part of yourself that there is a lack or something wrong or we don’t have and that lack is who you are. It is also saying to yourself you would also like to have something different.

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This is so important whatever the unconscious part of you gets it just wants to reproduce. So think about it when you are young and you learn your ABC’s or to listen, or read or drive a car, the repetition creates the outcome and drives into the unconscious the learning. So we train the unconscious but we train it with the truth and so a lot of the self-conscious ways and ideas of training ourselves don’t really work. And one of the reasons is we tell ourselves we are not good enough and we have to fix ourselves.

And this is where some level of unconscious work comes in, EMDR, healing or energy work, hypnosis (a great way to work with the unconscious brain by putting the conscious brain into sleep or trance and you can access the subconscious), NLP is another great tool and inevitably what you are doing is using the conscious brain to convince the unconscious brain to make the decision that it wants to change. And this is a direct conflict with what the unconscious wants. The unconscious brain really fights that- it doesn’t actually want things to be different it’s whole purpose is to take the information of what you have been through and replicate that in order for you to survive. The subconscious is very good at learning things, it can learn to drive a car, it can habituate brushing teeth- have you ever tried to brush your teeth with the other hand? You will find that it’s weird because your unconscious has been programmed to one hand.

I spent a long time working on success by working on the unconscious and the subconscious. 

Luckily there is a third level of consciousness we can work with to reorganize the whole system.

The Superconscious

The Superconscious was the innate intelligence before the subconscious and unconscious there was a sperm and egg that became a cell, that became many cells that turned into a heartbeat that turned into a human being that became you. Superconscious innate intelligence has been past down through the lineage and encodes up to 7 generations prior. We don’t just get our good looks but we also get memories, experiences, traumas, beliefs so many things through the superconscious. So these are not conscious memories but are imbedded in the system that also makes up you. The study of this is epigenetics. 

The superconscious isn’t like the subconscious (part of yourself here to survive or safety) or the self-conscious (the part that is here to have  good life) the superconscious is just here to experience with it’s innate intelligence life, physical form and so it is happy to change and morph and try on different “hats” if you will. The superconscious doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, or where you live- it is just as happy to be here and live life.  The self conscious desires change and strives and vice versa the subconscious says don’t change or take risks, keep it safe. 

The superconscious is just “cool” to go along for the ride. Change can happen drastically and quckly. In my demo we get a few people who are deathly afraid of public speaking and within minutes they are confident and looking people in the eye- it’s amazing and you can see the physical change and experience just by commanding the superconscious to recode the resistance. 

You will always take the path of least resistance in life. We are just like water if a boulder is in the way the water redirects around, same thing with us we look for the path of least resistance. This is so important to understand- anything you want to have or manifest you have to have no resistance to it, no resistance to having it at all. So, where does resistance come from? It comes from beliefs and beliefs come from memories. You have memories from what society told you, what your parents told you, you also have this superconscious memory that is being passed down from your genealogy and it is literally a memory. And with the recode we realize that in life we want a different result. The results we have are based on the actions we take, the actions we take are based on the belief we have, the belief comes from memory and memory comes from one of three places…

  1. Superconscious
  2. Self Conscious
  3. Unconscious

Now we understand the different levels that create the memories. You can try and do it self consciously and try to just convince yourself with brute force that something is true or subconsciously where you try to do hypnosis or any of these other things, but it always feels like you are fighting what the unconscious really wants. 

I love thinking about the law of attraction this way. When you think about a seed, let’s take a carrot seed vs a seed for a tree. The carrot seed has everything in it to attract exactly what it needs to create a carrot, just like a tree seed has everything in it to attract the nutrients to become a tree and then a forest… The same thing with us, you cannot smash the seed apart or be pulled apart and see what we are putting into the universe, but the truth is what you plant will grow. And the universe will respond based on what it is you are putting out.

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