The 5 Big Mistakes Most Make When Building a Freedom Business

When you’re starting your freedom business, you’re likely to make five mistakes. Over 80% of people make these mistakes, and their struggle with these mistakes is what takes them so long. I’m lucky to have been doing this for nearly a decade now and, because of that, I’ve made all these mistakes … so that you don’t have to.

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Big Mistake #1: Target Audience NOT Clearly Defined

The first mistake that people make is, they don’t clearly define their target audience. They don’t actually go out there and do interviews and find out who has a problem.

Big Mistake #2: No Long Term Authority Plans

They don’t play the long game. They don’t create a long term authority, and a niche that they’re going to be able to serve for a long time. They’re not getting their videos out there, they’re not creating content.

Big Mistake #3: No High-Converting Offer

They don’t have a high-converting offer. You’ve got to have a no-brainer offer that’s going to fuel your whole business. A no-brainer offer is one that makes so much sense, everyone should be buying it. Every one who is in your target audience.

Big Mistake #4: Slow

People don’t move fast enough to actually get products and services out to the marketplace. They take way too long and they stick with their employee mindset, instead of thinking like an entrepreneur, moving faster, getting products out there. That’s such a big mistake.

They try to do it all. They literally try and do the marketing and fulfilment. They’re trying to build the products, create the emails. I need you to know this; you need to pick which area you’re going to master, which part of your business are you going to own.

Get yourself into revenue as quickly as possible. In business, revenue nearly solves everything. You can outsource the rest of the tasks. You can pay people to do things for you.

3 Areas to Master in a Freedom Business

Let me ask you this – In your business that you’re about to create, which area do you want to truly master. There’s only really three areas that count.

  1. Marketing – Finding the traffic, finding the leads, creating curiosity.
  2. Sales – Turning those people into paying clients.
  3. Fulfillment – Products and services that people love to buy, customer fulfillment.

Three big areas. Which one do you want to master? That area is really going to make a difference.

When you start out your business, you’re likely to commit any of these five mistakes. People who join my program or people who are involved, they don’t make those mistakes. What I’d love you to really get from this training is that there are some who have committed these errors — and you don’t want to make the same mistake.

3 Moves to Start a Freedom Business

There’s only three moves that you need to make to be able to start a freedom business.

1st Move: Position

The first move is Position. You must position yourself as an authoritywith credibility, with a target audience that has a problem that you want to solve.

2nd Move: Package

Second, you must Package yourself up into membership sites, and online sales funnels, and systems, and processes that work without you.

3rd Move: Present

Three, you must learn to Present. You must learn to present one to one, one to many, over a camera, via a webinar, you must know how to present.

“When you nail these three moves: positionpackagepresent, you’ll be able to expand your business, and you’ll be able to avoid those mistakes.”

On this page, I have the first step you should take if you want to get started, and make sure you’re not going to make those mistakes. It’s called The High Profit Niche Finder. It helps you to get positioned and find your niche, so that you don’t make the very first mistake; undefined target audience. Do this so that you avoid people who don’t want to buy what it is you offer.

I hope this made sense. I hope you enjoyed learning the five mistakes so that you don’t go make them. I hope you got to see where you want to take your mastery, and the three moves that you need to take to build out your freedom.

Right now, the time is ticking, and I cannot wait to see you have the freedom that I — and many of the people that I know — am able to enjoy. Take action, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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