How To Become A Powerful Creator By Harnessing The Power Of Your Superconscious

Yes - it's possible to overcome all your limitations and magically manifest everything you desire

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What I do

Superconscious Healing and Conscious Creation

I help people let go of their resistance and move forward into where they are meant to be in their life 

Help You to Start a High Profit Coaching Business

I can show you how to build a high profit coaching business using our revolutionary Magnetic Mind Method.

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See this amazing method work in person!

Free Resources?

Learn how to magnetically create your future using your superconscious power. 

Free Training Resources

Our free and paid courses are designed to empower business owners to make smart decisions about how to target the right content, attract the right clients and present the right offers.


“ I went from $60,000 a year to $140,000 and have just had my biggest month ever…I’m getting 50 leads a week and got to a point where I have to hire sales staff now. ”

Rachel Korevaar

My story

I have created 3 Multi-million dollar companies, have traveled the world speaking in 13 countries to over 130,000 people and have 3 books (1 best seller). I live in the Gold Coast Australia with my wife Harriet – and I love my life.
In 2016 I was introduced to the superconscious work that is revolutionizing the industry and after applying it and adding in intuition, alchemy, transformational meditation and the structure of creating. I have created the number #1 method to create lasting change.

Let me help you get started towards creating freedom, Access our Free Resources Below.

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