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“what an eye-opener!”

“Finally understanding what has been happening and now have a way
forward. Thank you for giving me another chance!”

— jerry rabin
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author, entrepreneur, coach, investor, husband.

Most importantly — A TEACHER.

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Chris Duncan has been changing the world using the Superconscious Recode since 2019.

He has built multiple 8 figure companies, and is the New York Times best-selling author of the book “You’re Not Broken.” He is the founder of Conscious Education Company, the Magnetic Mind Method and The Digital Marketing School which he sold in early 2023.

In 2019 Chris was featured in the movie “We Rise Up” alongside Tony Robbins, the 14th Dalai Lama, and Richard Branson. In that same year, he launched the “Rapid Recode” which went on to generate millions in profit and win his first Click Funnels 2 Comma Club Award. Since that first award, he now has a collection of Click Funnel awards consisting of 3 “Two Comma Club” awards and a Two Comma Club “X” Award (a funnel generating 8 figures).

Chris is well respected and renowned as a public speaker and coach, having instructed hundreds of thousands of people on the Magnetic Mind Method and using the Superconscious to turn their dreams into reality.

His genius is consolidating the wisdom of neuroscience, alchemy, and creation technology into a simple easy-to-use process that has impacted millions through Magnetic Mind.

It’s possible to overcome
all your limitations and magically manifest everything you desire.

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Chris Duncan’s life has two stories, before learning to be a conscious creator and after.

Before 2016, Chris spent thousands and thousands of dollars on personal development. All in the name of ‘fixing himself’ so that he was able to become who he wanted to be – a successful entrepreneur and coach.

But every time he thought he was finally becoming who he dreamed of being, something would happen, and he would lose everything.

And then in 2016… his phone rang, only to deliver some heartbreaking news that changed the course of his life forever and triggering the start of his journey to becoming a Conscious Creator.

time to overcome all your limitations.

When Chris’s phone rang on that pivotal day in 2016, his life fell apart. Chris’s best friend, mentor, and business partner had been killed in a motorcycle accident.

This tragedy left Chris heartbroken, directionless, and nearly a million dollars in debt with staff to pay and families to feed.

However, it also opened the door to Chris connecting with a group of coaches and mentors who opened his eyes to what was missing in his personal development journey.

These coaches/mentors worked with a part of the mind above rational thought. They all called it the “Superconscious.”

Over the next few years, the word Superconscious seemed to chase him. One mentor taught Chris how to recode his grief, limiting thoughts and emotions, another taught intuition and another one taught how to create and manifest using this mind.

TIme to overcome all limitations

your life

Combining all he had learned, Chris began to manifest magic. Through the use of the Superconscious, he had cleared his debt, he had built and sold a company for millions and was turning over $20 million annually from his other business ventures. He also married the love of his life and moved to paradise.

In 2019, he decided to teach what he had learned to the world.

One Thursday night on the Sunshine Coast (Australia), he ran a small group training where he did his first public recode on the fear of speaking to an audience.

He invited two women onto the stage who had a fear of public speaking and recoded this fear in front of the audience’s eyes. After that, no one could deny the power of the Superconscious or the importance of what Chris was teaching.

This video was put on YouTube and the demonstration of the Superconscious recode process started a movement of conscious creators.

Chris now has millions of people following his work and tens of thousands using the Superconscious and the Recode method to turn their dreams into reality and transform their lives through Magnetic Mind.

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Dixie Gillaspie
— dixie gillaspie

“Working with Chris and understanding the truth about structure, about creation, and about our power to connect to the Superconscious and literally change the code of instructions and information that has created our lives so far in order to release resistance to creating new has completely transformed me as a creator and a coach.”

JP Watson
— j.p. watson

“I am thankful that I created the opportunity to learn from Christopher M. Duncan.

This work has given me the tools to help others find their true nature and purpose and begin living in a creative structure; one that will allow them to truly live a life they love.”

Magdalena Gustafsson
— magdalena gustafsson

“If you want more out of life, this is for you! You really can have it all! I was a woman with great ideas and I wanted so much in life, but I never really got anything done. Now I know how to actually get things done. And I’m doing it. Right now the answer. Heal, inspire, get inspired and connect with yourself.”

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Every piece of knowledge, the tools and the techniques you need to create a meaningful life and do what you love can be found in this channel.

We are maniacs on a mission, action-orientated, results-focused, heart-centred creators who want to build a life we love. We believe you are just one education away from living a life you love!

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“man this is phenomenal!”

“Chris is so good at explaining how the unconscious works.”

— william king


best selling

Youre Not Broken

you’re not broken

If you want to create a life you love, transform your reality, and manifest miracles with ease, this book is for you.

You don’t have to “fix” anything about yourself to do it. You don’t have to think a certain way, heal your past, clear your emotions, or embrace any specific belief system.

It’s time to forget everything you know about the power of manifestation.

Learn to connect to the hidden field of information where your intuition, inner “instructions,” and natural genius are stored, remembering the powerful creator you already are. Make changes at the highest level and transform your life like magic.

A complete system in a simple eight-week plan, this is the first and last book you will ever need on manifestation, creation, or self-help.

If you’re ready to live a Superconscious life, get started today.

SC Path

the superconscious path

There are two paths you can follow in life. The unconscious path or the superconscious path.

This is the most important decision of your life.

One path will lead you down a well-worn, time-tested experience of struggle, problem-solving, frustration, desire, and unanswered hope. The other is where only the brave venture. It is where you will find your superpower and it leads to a life of inspiration, intuition, creativity, success, and magical manifestation.

The choice is yours.

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From podcast appearances to live interviews to in-person keynotes, I always deliver in a way that leaves people feeling touched and changed at a soul-deep level.

I’m excited to see what magic we’ll create together when you invite me to your stage – whether your stage is online or in-person.

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