Let me show you how to build a business that gives you freedom.

Yes it's possible to earn 6 figures working part time from where ever you want and being proud of what you do.

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What I do

Start Your Business.

I help service-based business owners scale their sales and marketing through highly profitable webinars.

Grow Your Business.

I show aspirations entrepreneurs how to become a high paid location free marketing consultants.

Recode Your Mindset.

I show high achievers how to rewire self sabotage and magically manifest their full potential. 

Free business resources?

Looking to take your business to the next level click on the link below to check out some of our most recent training videos.

Free Training Resources

Our free and paid courses are designed to empower business owners to make smart decisions about how to target the right content, attract the right clients and present the right offers.


“ I went from $60,000 a year to $140,000 and have just had my biggest month ever…I’m getting 50 leads a week and got to a point where I have to hire sales staff now. ”

Rachel Korevaar

My story

Chris’s superpower lies in strategizing and implementing cutting-edge, marketing funnels that convert. Chris has been building businesses for over 12 years, with 2x #1 best-selling books and a feature movie with Tony Robbins and the Dalai Lama, Chris is well sought after and renowned as a public speaker.

His motto – “Set the bar high and make it happen.” Building multiple 7-figure companies and scaling and systemizing them has allowed Chris to travel the world for over 6 years with his wife, Harriet, teaching other business owners how to do the same.

Let me help you get started towards creating freedom, Access our Free Resources Below.

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